Male strap watch with what to wear what is customary to wear?

Male strap watch with what to wear what is customary to wear? I wonder what should I put the clock when I’m dressed formally and what, when I undress in (say casual). Curious what my clock fits best to the shirt.

Hand clock is considered the basic and most important accessory in men probably due to the fact that representatives of the strong sex do not usually wear much jewelry – limited to a wedding ring and watch.

Hand clock is an important element of the style of the man and his clothing. Quite rightly think of a different kind of clothes to wear different watches. The rule states: the more subtle and elegant watch is the more appropriate it is for formal occasions.

Towards evening the official clothier always wear black shoes and black belt, and accordingly with a black leather watch strap. Clocks with metal chains are suitable for office, the rule here is to combine colored belt buckle with the belt. If your clock has a gold chain, belt buckle should also be in that color. The same goes for the silver version. Sport watches in no case can be combined with formal men’s wear. They are for leisure and excellent fit T-shirt or even shorts and sandals.

Another important criterion for selecting a clock the size of the dial to the wrist. Clock with the face normal size is not suitable for a big man – his hand would have stood as a lady. Some admirers of the male accessory that goes even farther – Watch strap and arrows are the same color.

Ultimately, if you are unable to obtain the various clocks according to the different clothing styles, we recommend you opt for a classic watch. He has a white dial with black leather strap. If you have one, you can wear it both in the office and official to suit.

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