Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light (Silver)

Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light (Silver)
Our Newest Light! Two Super LED lights in one head gives you the lighting power of 6 normal LED’s. Brilliant light output! You have the option of using one or two of the Super LED lights with just a simple tap to our proprietary sensor switch. The flexible neck allows you to position your lighting anywhere you want it.
Brand: Mighty Bright
Xtra battery life – up to 40 hours
Xtra page coverage
Xtra lightweight
Special Lens spreads light evenly with no hot spots
Sturdy clip on can attach to a book, shelf, cupboard, or it can stand on its own

They’re not kidding!
The company that manufactures this light is called Mighty Bright, and for good reason! The lamp gives off more than enough light to read by in a pitch black room. It has two brightness settings, one with both LEDs and another with just one. The LEDs in this lamp are so bright, that only one is really needed, having two is an added bonus. I’m not using a power adatpter, I’m running off of 3 AAA batteries. LEDs use such a small amount of power, those batteries should last me a year or more. Overall I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of this light. With such a fair price I didn’t think it would really hold up, but I’m definitely going to recommend it.

I have purchased MANY book lights in the past, but never have I owned one that was actually bright enough to read by. I usually keep moving the light around and around and around so I can see the page . I ordered the power adapter but it hasn’t arrived yet, I am using 3 AAA batteries and this is a awesome light. It has 2 lights in the head you can use both or just one, the light spreads across both pages of a paperback in either mode one light or two, I haven’t tried a hard cover book yet, but I really don’t think this light will have any problem at all. Very Very Bright. I definitely recommend this light .

When the lights go out, there’s Mighty Bright!
Know what is as essential in my luggage as prescriptions or deodorant? My book light! A book light is essential to a reader, or at least to me.

Whenever I go overnight or longer, my book light is packed. I don’t sleep at night as most people, especially in “strange” places. So I rummage, actually, no, I don’t rummage, I always know where exactly where I packed my book and my light, and slip off to the bathroom, get comfy on the bathmat and read until I get sleepy. I don’t need to turn on any lights because my book light points the way. In another place I can go to the living room and snuggle in a chair, clip on the light, and read away. Last time I stayed at my mother’s I tip-toed into her walk-in closet, found comforters, and read away. She’s used to me.

But the best reason for a book light is when the lights go out as they are wont to do during thunderstorms or ice storms. My book light and a flash light are right in the drawer next to my bed. There are two other flashlights stashed around the house. Find one, light candles, go to bed, and read. I used to fret and fume over the electricity snapping out. No more.

In case the LED lights go out, I bought two replacement bulbs. I also own three other styles of book lights, but Xtra Flex 2 LED Book Light,Silver is the best of all. It has double LED lights, but only one is necessary. I need bright light to really see to read and this product meets my demand. Plus, the graceful curve of the neck and the sophistication of the silver make this an attractive product. It also comes in lime, purple, and bold blue. Take the clip at the bottom, snap it onto the back cover of the book and several pages for stability, click on the light, once or twice for your brightness, and enter that other world.

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