energy saving light bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps

All of you have heard of, some of you have seen or used and “energy saving light bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps. Offered in our trade network in all shapes and lighting facilities. It is good to enjoy and here’s why:

In the same light output compared to incandescent bulbs CFL use several times less electric power. For comparison: 100W CFL equivalent of a 21W incandescent light bulb uses electrical power.

Modern CFL have a life between 6000 and 15 000 hours. Filament have between 750 and 1000.

CFL can save up harmful gases 2000 times its own weight. Filament transform 95% of electrical energy into heat.
Color temperature of the CFL is the best around or less than 6000 Kelvin. This is something very close to daylight. Conventional model of the sun is seen absolutely black body with a surface temperature of 5870 Kelvin. It is much more natural to the eyes of incandescent bulbs (up to 3000 Kelvin). Odyasno pictured at left is the CFL. Others are heated.

In the course of his life and the needs of production, a CFL will consume 4mg of mercury to produce a power plant would issue additional 2.4mg at the expense of needed electricity. Most modern light bulbs contain about 1mg which reduced gross emissions of 3.4mg of mercury throughout their lifetime. Amount of emissions for incandescent bulb is 10mg.

If all European households begin to light their homes with a CFL it annual electricity savings would be about 40 TWh (Terra watts / hr). This 15 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions savings of our planet!

The price of the bulb itself as you can see is relatively low because of energy savings and lower need for replacement. Are better illuminate the eyes and better. What is still needed to encourage you to use them?

Now an important addition for people who use these bulbs. They are ecological in the sense described above. Nevertheless, they contain mercury and must be disposed in specific locations or very well packaged before disposal. If you notice a broken CFL please store away in a place and tell the management or civil defense (possibly the entire batch has been impaired).

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