Pleasure to drink wine

Wine is an art form. But in a bottle of wine lies much more than you realize. Wine is a living organism in the literally and figuratively. It processes running while ferment until matures in barrel and bottle. Processes continue after opening the wine bottle (wine). The more aged, the more time he needs to “breathe”. Give it time to reveal to you their true taste. WineAlways try the wine, first, “rotate” in the cup (cup) in order to absorb more oxygen and release their aroma. Then taste it by holding a long sip maximum in touch with the language, especially in the rear, then you will open a new world of taste flavors really come to a quality wine. Bitterness must be very dispensed, some will appeal to others – not, but should never be sour. And last but not least is the flavor. This is all science. In a wine can be felt thousands of shades of any fruit (fruit) and flowers to smell of smoke and leather. The richness of the aromas of grapes depends on the variety of soil, which has grown from caring for him, the technology, which is processed in fermentation technology on the skills of its preferences. Frantsuzite for hours can comment on a good wine to “feel” on all sides. To consume wine with the same pleasure and love! Do not drink wine artificially. Although prohibited by law, this can still be found – from the water, alcohol, artificial colors and flavors (artificial flavor) It’s just alcohol. Wine is not just alcohol, it should brings enjoyment and relaxation. Finding the perfect wine is just like to find your mate in life.

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